We offer You the possibility of spending your vacation on one of the most beautiful islands in the world (international tourism magazines (Traveller) have listed Hvar as one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world), in the peaceful and charming place of Ivan Dolac.
Mild Adriatic climate, exuberant Mediterranean flora, archipelago of picturesque islands and islets, in the coves of which pebble beaches are hidden, the beauty and diversity of folklore, colorful folk architecture, modern tourist facilities ideal for vacation, traditional hospitality and a wide spectrum of Dalmatian specialties are what makes Hvar an unique island.

Ivan Dolac is a small village at the south side of the Hvar island, west of Zavala, 10 km from Jelsa, 20 km from Stari Grad and 38 km from Hvar town. With the rest of the island it is connected with a 1.5 km long tunnel. Thanks to the largest number of sunny hours in Croatia and the steep vineyards along the southern side of the island, here grow grapes that gives top quality wines. Ivan Dolac was founded in the 15th century, and traces of the traditional Dalmatian architecture are evident all around, portraying the life as it used to be in this nowadays mostly tourist place.

Hvar is a Central Dalmatian island, it stretches in the direction east – west, it has a length of 65 km, and average width of 2 -10 km. The island is mainly mountainous (the highest peak is the top of Sv. Nikola (St. Nicholas) hill, 626 meters above sea-level ), but it also abounds in fertile fields, magnificent lagoons and small, steep mountain reefs. The island is not surrounded by open sea, rather by islands of Brae, Koreula and Vis as well as sea channels that provide for safe swimming and sailing. Owing to its position, the island is relatively well protected from strong winds.

Climate of the island is under great influence of the Mediterranean, winters are mild, summers arewarm. There are altogether 294 vegetation days, annual average temperature is 20.4 C. The climate is a typical Mediterranean climate with mild rainy winters and dry and sunny summers. The average warmest month is July, although the tourist season lasts from end April until October. The general climate factors render ideal conditions for vacation and relaxation because Hvar is the sunniest island in the Adriatic,as well as one of the sunniest in the whole Mediterranean, with an exceptionally positive effect of the sea that during the winter keeps the island warm, and during the summer cools it down. The temperature of air and sea allows enjoyable recreation and swimming, based on the fact that on average there are only two cloudy or rainy days per month. The specific Mediterranean flora is also favorable for this kind of climate. Namely, the island is exceptionally abundant in various herbs that give a distinct ambience to the nature itself. The island is rich in pinewood, cypress and evergreen oak groves, various kinds of evergreen shrubs, as well as rosemary, sage and lavender fields, and the whole landscape is complemented by impressive olive-groves and vineyards, and lemon, cactus, agave and palm-tree gardens…

Croatia has the clearest and cleanest crystal blue sea in the Mediterranean, and the island of Hvar probably the cleanest sea in Croatia. The sea translucence is up to 15m, and the color of the sea along the coast is light green and intensively azure blue, a credit of the clean sea and rare overcast. Incredible nuances of the sea that you can only wish for. And this is one of the reasons, why Hvar is one of the top destinations for professional and sport divers worldwide. The coast is mainly rocky. And for this reason the beaches are small, intimate and sandy with pebbles, often surrounded by pinewood. Only a few meters away from the coast you reach depths. There are no sea urchins, only on reefs, whereas they are an indication of sea cleanliness